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About Larry Crider

The foundation of the music ministry started with the vision and anointing of Larry Crider II, A musician and composer with various skills in the field of music. Crider who was blessed with the gift of music at a very young age and gave his life over to God at 8 years old, has had the privileged to serve in many musical organizations throughout his life.

How It All Began

4 H.I.S Glory (Honor In Song) is a ministry dedicated to uplifting the spirit of God and singing His praises to point listeners in the direction of salvation through Jesus Christ. Composed of uniquely talented, born-again believers. 4 H.I.S Glory is a gospel ministry actively living out the call and impacting lives for the better through song. This young and growing ministry with a fresh sound loves Christ and they love music. From various backgrounds and experiences, they bring all of their amazing gifts together to be a powerful force for the kingdom of God.

About Us

The ministry has stood true to its foundation since February 2013 to be wholeheartedly about being used for God’s glory. The founder and its members all aim to honor God in song and spread hope to the desolate. The ministry uses music as a way to preach to dying, lost souls. They are committed to building the kingdom of God. With their mission based in Isaiah 61:1-3, this music ministry is equipped with their swords and fortified in his spirit.


I love your music!!, you truly talented… seriously!


Hey, so we have found you on N1M and my boyfriend Zac loves you tune Time to say yes –
this is the only thing that he has been listening to.. a few days in a row… THANKS! We love
your music keep it up!


Still love ya music…still think you’re the best. I’m hoping to hear anything new from you.
Happy holidays and hope everything’s good.


Hi, amazing – if I didn’t have to get up in the morning, I would stay here all night to listen to the
rest of your songs. You have done a great job – I am normally iffy about people
recommendations in my feed, lol – but I really enjoyed your music. You have a talent, and I
look forward to hearing more of your original stuff – Well, I had a bit more than just “amazing” to say, lol. Keep it up, will be visiting more soon.


I should have come along here sooner, to let you know just how much I appreciate you and
your music. First of all, your music is so inspiring. The kind of stuff that can help you get
through those really rough days, (You’ve been there through some of mine recently, and I
don’t know if I can tell you how much your music has helped.)
I hope to be able to be here to watch all of your future albums come out, and watch your
fanbase grow.



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